Features and Benefits

Pro Banner Saver System is the world's most advanced and best performing retrofit banner bracket system for attaching banners light poles, flagpoles and walls. They out perform any other solution.

They utilize a spring tensioning system to keep banners in place during normal conditions and allow them to bend as wind speed increases. They also fully compliant with the International EN40 Regulation about maximum wind-load on any type of street-light signage.

The Patriot System is the best in class and OUT PERFORMS the Britten BannerSaver system and the Bannerflex D3 Airow System.

Brackets comprises off:
2 x Spring Wind Releasing Banner Bracket Assemblies
2 x Fiberglass detachable arms with protective sleeves
2 x Locking Pins

Key Benefits:

  • Wind tunnel-tested to spill 88% of the wind.
  • Starts reducing loading at 20mph - 25mph
  • Increases Banner life by 100%
  • Reduces Infrastructure Liabilities
  • Retrofits to Columns & Walls
  • Reduces Inventory Costs - 1 size fits all banners upto 26sq.ft.
  • Specified by cities across the world
  • 5yr Warranty

Other Features include:

  • Proven design with market-leading wind-spill factor. Starts reduces wind loading at 20 -25 mph and goes on to reduce loading by a massive 88%.
  • Shown to increase banner life by 100%
  • Adapts to all banner sizes up to 30sq.ft.* and helps Reduces Inventory.
  • Suitable for installing onto lamp columns and flag poles from 76mm diameter & above and compatible with straight, fluted or tapered columns.
  • System comprises of 2 black fiberglass arms and 2 black powder-coated aluminum brackets with integrated spring loaded tensioning and banner-arm flexing mechanism.
  • Full compliance with the International EN40 Regulation that dictates all lighting columns must be capable of facilitating the wind loading that a single 0.3 square meter rigid road sign would exert.
  • Wind tunnel tested up to 100mph and supported by verified wind tunnel test results (available in PDF format) illustrating compliance with EN40.
  • Arms can be cut down to match any banner width required up to 800mm wide.
  • Can accommodate one or two banners per column.
  • Arms easily removed in between banner campaigns leaving brackets and banding in place on the column.
  • Brackets installed onto columns using 3 stainless steel bands per bracket, estimated installation time to install one complete system and banner: 20 minutes.
  • Can be wall mounted using predrilled holes within bracket.
  • 5 Year "Return to Base" product warranty.