Our Pro Banner Saver System is the most technical advanced system on the market. It has been designed to incorporate the wind releasing capabilities of the Britten BannerSaver in high winds and the capabilities of the Bannerflex Airow at low wind speeds. Creating the perfect bracket.

We have stuck to the original design of the Banner Saver but made several improvements, including a different type of Spring, slider mechanism and several security & reinforcement features. Don't be fooled by the look - it is a system which is all new and can therefore is able to handle all banner size upto 26sq.ft.

Patriot Set includes:

  • 2 x Wind Releasing Spring Banner brackets

Each bracket consists of 2 pieces of reinforced Gravity Die Cast aluminum pieces. They are assembled with the integral spring and locked in place with a nut and split pins.

  • 2 x Sleeved Fiberglass Poles (Length - 850mm)

Fiberglass helps absorb small micro vibrations caused by  wind on banner movement from passing to the bracket or infrastructure.

  • 2 x Locking Pins

Overview Wind Test Result

Pro Banner Saver brackets were developed for reducing wind loading on lamppost caused by the installation of banners.
Testing carried on a single lamppost column with:

  • 2 Banners - 76cms x 203cms (3.08sq.m.)

  • 2 sets of Lamppost Banner Saver Brackets

  • Fixings

Test Specification:

Test carried out in an independent Wind Tunnel. We used pot sensors and used the distance traveled by them to determine the results.

Test Results:

In our tests this equals to 0.4 sq.m. wind loading for 2off banners on 1 lamppost (single banner installations needed to be adjusted down accordingly).

Load reduction starts at    -    20 - 25mph.

Reduction in Loading Area     -      87.98%